Luv’s Brownies

About The App

Luv’s Brownies® is the Home of the Original Heart-Shaped Brownie® Award-Winning Brownies and Bay Area Favorite Since 1996. We offer Heart-Shaped Brownie Cakes, Mail Order Gifts and Wedding Favors. On our Dessert Truck we offer brownie ice cream sandwiches, sundaes with housemade caramel, waffle cones, heart-shaped marshmallows, Cuban coffee drinks and more.Download our app to order or book our Dessert Truck for your events and see live location of the truck in your area.

Technology Stack

  • Register your account.
  • Track the nearby Truck
  • Realtime tracking/navigation
  • Shopping and add to cart feature
  • Purchase Ice creams fro the app itself.

Key Features

  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Android Studio
  • Push Notification
  • Core Location
  • BackEnd: PHP Laravel

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