Live Queen Of Hearts

About The App

Groopy is a platform and social network for recreational runners and cyclists, as well as a management toolbox for group coaches and community managers. While other apps aim to act as coach replacements, Groopy provides the tools to empower coaches to train and organize the individuals in their groups. Groopy provides coaches with the insight they need to successfully manage their groups and business. It is a comprehensive, time-saving solution that handles scheduling, group communication, member attendance, performance tracking, billing, and marketing. Groopy deepens the sense of community amongst amateur running and cycling groups through an app that makes participation easier, more efficient and more fun for recreational athletes.

Key Features

  • Create Profile with phone authentiation.
  • Join the Live game.
  • Earn Real money.
  • Transfer to your paypal wallet in realtime.
  • Earn in app currency i.e coins for remove ads.

Techonology Stack

  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Android Studio
  • Push Notification
  • Core Location
  • BackEnd: PHP Laravel

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