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KidVision iSpy 360° teaches vocabulary and reading skills in a fun and immersive environment. Children will learn new vocabulary words as they explore locations like the Zoo, a Major League Baseball Stadium as well as an Art Museum. They learn reading and vocabulary skills as they play a game of interactive iSpy. The 360-degree environment […]

DiWi – Did I Wear It

Never forget what you wore, where you wore it, when you wore it and who you wore it with. Add photos from your events and take selfies to catalog all your outfits. Add and track events easily to see where you wore it. Use the calendar to mark your events and track when you wore […]

My To Do

MY TO DO is the simplest to do checklist in the AppStore. Download MY TO DO now and create a checklist with one click. Key Features No need to create account Create your own customised lists Different coloured list makes easy to distinguish Create unlimited groups and add unlimited items under each list for your […]

Luv’s Brownies

Luv’s Brownies® is the Home of the Original Heart-Shaped Brownie® Award-Winning Brownies and Bay Area Favorite Since 1996. We offer Heart-Shaped Brownie Cakes, Mail Order Gifts and Wedding Favors. On our Dessert Truck we offer brownie ice cream sandwiches, sundaes with housemade caramel, waffle cones, heart-shaped marshmallows, Cuban coffee drinks and more.Download our app to […]

OxyKnight Watch

The Oxyknight Watch and App is perfect for anyone who snores, who feels not fully rested after sleep, has sleep disorders or oxygen issues, or people who may need to be monitored during sleep. Main Features (Need an Oxyknight Watch unit) (Some features need PREMIUM subscription) Monitors and records HRPO (High Resolution Pulse Oximetry) overnight […]

Live Queen Of Hearts

Groopy is a platform and social network for recreational runners and cyclists, as well as a management toolbox for group coaches and community managers. While other apps aim to act as coach replacements, Groopy provides the tools to empower coaches to train and organize the individuals in their groups. Groopy provides coaches with the insight […]


Calculate Hours Worked – Easy and Quick!Enter: Log-in time & Log-out timeAnd get the Total of hours worked.Enter the hourly pay rate to see the total amount due.A hassle-free calculator with no learning curve…Email or Download the results for future reference. Key Features Log-in time Log-out time Calculate Total of hours worked Calculate your hourly […]

Night Sky

Chaumet in the Sky is a public app that allows one to explore the sky and discover the Maison’s latest High Jewellery collection. Client Location – France Key Features Explore 3D sky with planets and stars. Shining Jewellery collection in the sky. 360 Sky rotate with device motion Jewellery details and images Add to favourite […]


LyvEdit is an iOS app with unique features that let you highlight and cut out parts of your video – while recording! Edit your videos in real-time, tap to capture, zoom in/out then combine the best parts in seconds! Client Location – Canada Key Features – Live Video Editing Realtime recording segments adjustments Coredata Camera […]


Storia is a social multimedia publishing platform that empowers members of its community to share thought-provoking content. Our goal is for you to be entertained, informed and challenged.Find and share compelling storiesUpon downloading the Storia app or visiting, you will be taken to our discover page. Posts with the strongest feedback from our editors […]

Birthday Reminder

A simple and elegant app that helps you keep track and view a countdown of upcoming birthdays. This app caneasily import birthdays from existing contacts , view a countdown of upcoming birthdays,view the name, photo, and age of your contacts at a glance, customize the day and time for birthday notifications , add a widget […]