Our Methodology

Selection refers to picking up individuals with the right qualifications, the right experience and most importantly the right attitude for a particular postion. It is extremely significant that the process employed for congregating the information about the applicant should be as accurate as possible. The following list will give you a gist of the selection process.

  • Evaluation of clients need:

To make the first move, a comprehensive discussion with the client is arranged. Where in, we assess their requirement in terms of eligibility criteria, monetary aspects, etc of the given position (designation). The client gives us the must have skill set for the desired role.


  • Preliminary Interview (Screening):

Once we get the pool of candidates from different sources like reference, online job portals, professional networking sites, company’s database and many other; filtering the individuals as per the criteria is done. A suitable candidate is first approached through telephonic interview. The main intention behind the telephonic round is to check the whether the candidate has all the required skill set as per the client requirements.


  • Short listing the candidates:

The resume of the chosen individuals along with our authentic opinions are forwarded to the clients for consent.


  • Clients Interview:

Once we receive a green signal from the client for the shortlisted applicants we liaise with both of them and arrange a concluding round of interview. In this round the client has the authority to either reject or go- ahead with the candidate on appropriate grounds of selection. Feedback of the same is communicated to the contender.


  • Negotiation and Offer:

After the candidate has cleared the above rounds of interview he/she gets selected. Negotiations are done on the given offer if required and finally selection process is completed.


  • Joining:

Proper follow up is done with the selected candidate till he or she joins the organization.

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