C Level Recruitment

INVICTUS SOLOTUTIONS is a leading executive search firm, and recruitment consultants in Pune focuses on CXO recruitment, top level and top management hiring, C-Level staffing, HR and recruitment consultancy services on a pan India basis. A team specially dedicated to CEO and CXO recruitment services, works on the mandate across different industry categories.

Recruitment of a top level professional in an organization has always been one of the most important and a very crucial hiring process. The top management or C-Level for any organization is the very key to determine the success. The higher management executives are the leaders who lead the organization to the goals and turn visions of the company into reality. We, as a C-level executive search firm and a senior level recruitment consultants, understand this very well. INVICTUS SOLOTUTIONS, is therefore committed to help organizations who wants to recruit for middle, senior level, C-level, top management executives.

INVICTUS SOLOTUTIONS assist clients to identify and select independent top management leaders who would bring in diversity and strengthen their boards. INVICTUS SOLOTUTIONS has always been considered one of the top executive search firms in India. We build client organizations and help them achieve and drive accelerated business results, and achieve sustainable change.

We recruit Board Members/ CEO’s/ CTO’s/ CFO’s/ CIO’s/ Country Heads/ Directors/ Vice Presidents & General Managers etc.

Our consultants conduct themselves with the highest of ethical standards, along with an unsurpassable level of personal service, an unmatched dedication to quality and confidentiality, and thus provide a unique value-add approach. This philosophy and methodology is consistently demonstrated thorough an unparalleled researching capability, the full utilization of firms resources on every project, and the timeliness with which we complete our assignments.

Our goal is to transform organisations and in-turn touch the lives of the people and clients we serve, by adding substantial value to the global leadership and executive search industry. In depth consulting expertise coupled with the most advanced research-validated processes and methodologies enable us to offer our clients value for money and the best return on leadership talent.

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